Gachaverse Review

Ah Gachaverse, a very loved game. In this game you can make a character dress her/him up and roleplay with them. It’s like play barbies on your phone (i never really liked barbies as a kid though…). I play this game a lot on my phone. I usually make furries or normal people. I never go too out like hybrids, fairy princess, or angel/demon hybrids. I say stick to only 1 or 2 things your character is mixed with and that’s how to make a good OC….Wait what was I talking about again? Oh yeah the actual game. Well you see this is one of my favorite games and I love making OCS there. It’s a big improvement to gacha studio. The only problem I have with it is that it doesn’t have that much curly and braid hair options which makes it really hard to make an OC that is supposed to have braids and/or curly hair, like mine. Also there’s this really horrible glitch that forces you to download the game and lose all your OCs (;-;). So, to sum all this up, Gachaverse is a good game but it needs more curly hair and braid options and it needs to fix that horrible glitch.


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