My Crazy Thought Pt. 2

Okay Guys. I just had this crazy thought. So you know how when you touch fire, you don’t feel the fire you feel how hot it is right? And when you are outside you don’t feel wind, you feel how strong wind is, right? What happens if you don’t feel water, you just feel how […]

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Fnaf 7?

Okay I’ve been looking online and I found out there is soon gonna be a Fnaf 7. I know little of this except you will be working as an engineer and, from the picture above, there will be Freddy, Pre-Springtrap, Mangle(?), Bonnie, and Foxy in the game. I also heard it’s gonna be a vr […]

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My Other Blog

Hello guys! So today I made another blog called “The Plastic Problem With Emily” for school. And I thought “Hey, why don’t I tell my followers about this?”. So yeah. You can go check it out if you want to. I’ll leave a link at the bottom for you to check out. Also it’s not […]

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