Granny Review

So there was this little craze on YouTube for a bit that was about this game. As might know, granny is a horror game where you have to escape granny’s house in 5 days before this white-haired burnt possessed thing you call your granny finds you. If you don’t escape before 5 days, depending on what you have discovered you will either get eaten (cannibal granny?) or get your head chopped off. In my opinion she’s actually really scary and I internally jump a bit every time granny attacks with her baseball bat (scariest jumpscare for me is the under the bed one). This game actually beats Five Nights at Freddy’s jumpscares for me. It’s really scary, depending on which game mode you use, and is a get-the-blood-running type of games. So, in my opinion, Granny is a good horror game and the only thing i would change about it is her nightgown, which makes her less threatening looking and more of a nice grandma.


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