Why not to talk in class


They’re are many reasons why not to talk in class. One is because if you talk in class while the teacher is talking, you might not know what to do.. Then you both waste your and the teachers time asking her or him what to do, which they may or may not tell you. That also might get the teacher slightly agitated at you because he or she might think you care about what she says and then she might think of you as a troublemaker and someone who doesn’t listen and might get slightly more angry at you whenever you ask a question or not do an assignment.


Building off of the first paragraph, if you are marked as a bad student and you start talking you might have to get your parent/guardian called. Than when you get home you have to tell your parent/guardian what happened and then you have to have a talk about not talking in class. Sometimes your parent/guardian might even make a meeting with the teacher and that will waste both of their time talking about something that was already been discussed.


Another reason not to talk in class is because it disrupts the person you are talking with. That might make the person have to ask the teacher which, such as stated in the first paragraph, the teacher might think that they don’t listen and might get angry at them faster than others. That might make the person you talked with resent you, and possibly shatter the friendship you have with them, or the friendship you wanted to have with them.


Also when we talk, by how loud we are, we disrupt the learning environment. In the previous paragraph it talks about how talking affects the person by you and how talking might make the person agitated at you. Now think about the whole class being angry at you for talking. It might be because you are talking too loudly and they can’t work or the teacher got agitated and made the whole class do an extra assignment (such as this) or both. That might or will make the whole class like you a bit less because they already have enough work already, in this class or another class.


So, to conclude this essay, the reasons not to talk in class is because you’re disrupting the teacher, you might get your parent or guardian called, getting the person or people around you agitated because they can’t work, and you are ruining the learning environment. There are also many more reasons but I didn’t conclude this in essay.


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