Classroom Pet Peeves

We all get annoyed by something in our life. Whether it is an annoying noise, such as nails scratching on a chalkboard, or an annoying person, we all get annoyed. So today I’m going to do a blog post about what annoys me. Also if you don’t mind may you follow my blog, like this post, and follow some of my friends too? Please and thank you! Okay let’s get into it!

mean teacher.jpg

1. “The Bell Doesn’t Dismiss You. I Do.”

If you ever had a strict teacher, you must have heard this phrase once or twice. I mean, c’mon! If the bell doesn’t dismiss us, why is it even there? Just to be a random noise?

2. People That Won’t Cooperate in Group Projects

You’ve been assigned a group before for a group project, right? If yes, then you must know that there is at least that one person in the group that doesn’t do anything. If no, well, consider yourself lucky. Going back to the if yes, there is always that one person who does nothing. They either A. Don’t Care B. Want you to do everything for them or/and D. Don’t like their group so they won’t cooperate. But I don’t understand why they won’t do it. They know them not doing anything affects everybody else, right?

annoying classmates.jpg

3. Having to Sit By an Annoying Classmates

Annoying Classmates come in many ways. They could either

  • Not stop talking/whispering
  • Not stop trying to start drama
  • Not stop playing games
  • Not stop blaming you for everything wrong

But in anyway they are, I don’t wanna sit by them.

Anyway that’s it for right now guys. I may or may not post another one of these blog posts soon but no promises! Anyway, I hope you guys have a great day, night, or evening. Bye!


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