Slime Pet Peeves #Slime


We all Have a Pet Peeve for Something.

Whether it be crumpled paper or messy handwriting, everyone has a pet peeve. So I have decided “Why not write a blog post about my pet peeves?” But I had trouble targeting what my pet peeve list should be about. But then it hit me: why not, since I watch so many slime videos, this blog post be about slime pet peeves? And BOOM- this blog post is born. So yeah. Enjoy!

Remember: This is my opinion.

1. When Somebody Keeps Talking While Playing with the Slime.

To me it’s just annoying and makes it unsatisfying. Not to offend anybody, but we came for the slime not your voice.

2. When Someone slaps Jiggly Slime.

slapping slime

Unpopular opinion, but I like jiggly slime. But I hate when they slap it. I mean, what are they going for? To make the jiggly noise? Are they frustrated? Somebody please explain.

3. When They Rip the Slime!

This is one of my most HATED slime pet peeves. It just so unsatisfying and annoying and disgusting and UGH-! I’m getting angry just thinking about it.

4. When There is Hair in the Slime.

slime disaster

I get it. I truly do. It’s hard to keep slime 100% clean. But it won’t hurt to pick out some of the bigger things in the slime, such as hair.


5. When There is Music/Background Noise.

Okay this isn’t really a pet peeve (meaning it doesn’t annoy me) , it’s just something I would rather not have. I mean, music in the background is fine as long as it doesn’t overlap the sound of the slime. But it is a problem if you’re are doing a crunchy slime asmr and you put music over the actual crunching noise.


Okay that’s it for right now. Bye guys!


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