I’m Angry.

Hey, Emily here. Before this blog starts, I just wanna tell you that this is a rant post and I’m going to be ranting about this girl (who will not be named) and a couple of snails. So yeah. Let’s just get on with it, shall we?

So this is what happened: I had 2 snails (Richard 2 and Richard 3) and I went to show them to the girl. So when I showed them to the girl, she took one of them (Richard 2) out of my hand. Of course, I complained and told her to give him back because I treat snails like my actual babies (Yes I’m weird). But she didn’t. What she did do it that she took him to a grassy area and she threw him in it! And I was like “(Girl’s name) why did you do that!?” and telling her that she shouldn’t have done that and guess what she does? She just laughed. Now I’m really angry at her that she thinks that killing poor defenseless animal is funny (and yes Ik I sound really salty) and thinking I’m fine with it (which is obvious I’m not). So yeah. There’s my rant.


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