My School Blocked My Blog

Hello guys, it’s Emily here. So you may or may not know this blog is for school and my school is a bit….loopsy sometimes. Okay so just after I posted my new blog post I went to check it right? (mind you, my account is monitored by the school so they can watch my screen and block stuff if they want to) But when I pressed on my blog post it was blocked by my “administrator” (aka the school) because of “games”. Now I was like “What?” because my blog wasn’t a game site (since game sites are the one’s banned at school for games) but then I look at my URL and I found out the school blocked my blog just because it says “Games” in the URL. So now, I can’t see my blogs and that means that I can’t send links of my blogs to my teacher for a project that’s do! So yeah. I’m going to check with my teacher tomorrow to see if this can get changed. Anyway, bye!


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