Everything Wrong With The Gachalife Community

Disclamer: This is just my opinion and you can like or dislike it. I don’t really care.

Hello guys, I’m back with another blog post and today I am talking about the gachalife Community and everything wrong with it. Okay let’s just get into it!

  1. Cliches: The gacha community has WAY too many cliches. For example: The hated child becomes a princess/fairy/queen, all girl in a boy school, In love with the gangster
  2. In love with my brother/sister stories: Do I need to say more?
  3. Overrated gachatubers: Many (not all) of gachatubers are very overrated for just moving a character around and changing their accessories
  4. “Animation”: Gachatubers tend to call their “animation” memes “animation” even though there is no animation to it what-so-ever.
  5. Repetitive Characters: Most of the characters that are in gacha life videos are repetitive and, I don’t know about you, but that annoys me. I mean c’mon! It’s not that hard to make an original character! You can even just press the random button for it to make a character FOR YOU.

Okay guys that’s it for now. Thank you for reading and goodbye!


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