I Went to the Snow Blog


Hello Guys. I hope you all had a great presidents day break. My presidents break was good; other than having to do homework most of the time.  I really liked how I was able to see and touch snow for the first time in my president’s break. So, in this blog post, I will tell you my first experience with snow.

It took us 3-5 hours to get to the snow. Since we never experienced the snow, except my older sisters and my mom, my family and I only wore a puffy jacket, gloves, snowshoes and sweatpants (Bad idea). When we got to the snow and got out my stuffy car, we were shocked by how cold it was (remember, we never felt the snow before). Lemme tell you, snow fluffy and pretty like it is on TV. It’s cold, hard, and it finds even the tiniest piece of skin to attack. So after about an hour or two we all got cold and hungry so we all went to Macdonald (the closest food place by that will take cold soaked ((since the snow melted on our clothes)) people) and we ate just some burgers and fries. Then we went home.


Sorry this didn’t really talk about the snow that much, but yeah. Okay, Goodbye!


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