How I Wish I Would Look Like Sometimes Blog

Hey guys! Today I’m going to be talking about how I wish I would look like sometimes. My family always says to me that I am perfect how I look and God made me this way (sorry if I offend anyone who doesn’t worship God with the God comment), but sometimes I can’t help feeling like I wanna look different (like everyone has and will once in their lifetime). So today I’m going to talk about how I wish I would look like.


1. Long Straight Hair

I wish I would have long straight hair and there are many reasons why. One reason is that I wanna be able to do that hair flip that smacks people in the face like people do in the movies. I also wanna have that kind of hair so it would be SO much easier for me to do my hair in the morning (I am saying this because I have really short curly hair and doing my hair is a morning hassle). I only really had semi straight hair and that is when my mom straighten my hair and that only went to my shoulders.


2. Be Tall

I also always wanted to be tall! But I know that might not happen since I come from a bloodline of small people and I am really small.


3. No Eczema

I have this thing in my body called eczema that makes me really itchy and I HATE it. I wish I had no eczema so I don’t itch anymore and my skin would be much smoother.

Blue Eyes

I wish I had blue eyes or any other color except brown so I can stand out a bit.


Okay that’s it. Bye!


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