Life of Pi Movie Review (Spoilers)

(Do Da Do Da Do Movie Review!)

Hey guys! So a week ago I watched this movie (Life of Pi) for homework for class and then I decided “Hey why not write a review?”. So now I am.

The life of Pi was an emotional rollercoaster for me. It starts off a man telling another man the life of pi. It first starts out like the man telling the story is in 3rd person view but deeper and deeper in the movie it starts switching into 1st person view. In the first part of the story it tells about a little boy who is bullied for peeing in front of everybody and trying to go and try to make it better by using his smarts. Then it shows him falling in love with a woman. Now this is where the emotional roller coaster starts. After that his father tells him they are moving to Canada. After that Pi has to say goodbye to the woman he loved and his hometown. Him and his family get on a boat only for it to sink in the middle of a night with only him escaping with a zebra while his family drowns. After that he saves a orangatan and finds out their was a hyena on the boat. And when there is a hungry hyena, a zebra, and a orangatang on the boat-well you know what happens. After the hyena kills the zebra and orangatang¬† he trys to go after Pi only for the tiger to kill the hyena. After that Pi and the tiger start developing a friendship. At the end the the tiger goes into the forest never to be seen again when Pi reaches dry land for the second time. Then Pi is taken to a hospital and questioned by the press who wouldn’t accept Pi’s story so he made up a fake one. After that the old man finishes his story and his family comes in and that was the end.

For a short review, this movie made me very emotional because of how he lost his parents and for the longest time had only a tiger he barely talked to before the relationship started. Okay that’s it Bye!!!


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