I’m Stressed (A vent kind of post)

As the title says, I’m stressed. “About what?” You might think. Well i’m stressed about a lot of things. Mostly school & grades. Just plain basic things that everybody get worried about now and then. But I feel that stress shouldn’t be held up so I’m just gonna tell you it to get it off my back.

I’m stressed about school. A lot of people, mainly students, are. I’m stressed about failing, getting a bad grade, that big old letter F, and being the slow one in my classes. But the big thing I’m stressed about is how my parents will react. Now my parents only have in my education (as I see it). For me to get good grades so I can go to a good college to provide for my family. Now that means they put a bit more pressure on me to get good grades. That means while my friend’s parents would think that a B is acceptable my parent’s frown upon it. Even though they don’t say it, I know that they are disappointed and displeased whenever they see I have a B on my progress report. They also constantly tell me that I can always do better and that if I am trying hard enough I should have straight A’s even with an A-.

I just wanted to tell you guys that just to vent. Okay bye!


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