My Time in the Smoke

Now if you live in California you would know about the fires. But if you’re not, I’m just gonna tell you. There was a fire just like last year. It left a lot of people homeless and effected many others. Including me, since I was in the red zone for a while. Now you might be thinking “Why are you telling me this?”. And to be honest, I don’t know. I just wanted share my experience with someone at least. Okay. So I hope you enjoy my little story about the smoke and I.

The first couple of days when the smoke started coming I didn’t think any of it. I actually liked the smell because it smelt like cake to me. Of course after getting in and out of classes you would hear an occasional “There’s a fire happening.” or a “Ugh I hate this air.” But then other than that everything went as normal. It wasn’t in till about the next week when it started to hit us harder where to we can actually visibly see the smoke. The teachers forced us to either stay in the library or in the lunchroom. People were passing out masks to each other and covering their face for the rest of the week.

I can’t say anything other than that because I gotten strep the next week and had to stay home. Sorry if this story doesn’t really explain how living with smoke for a while is like, it’s just my experience. Okay bye.


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