Negativity Online

Negativity. It’s everywhere. It can come from your family, your neighbor, your friends, literally anybody in the world. But the most negativity comes from the internet, mostly about a video there commenting on. That is called a hate comment, for whoever didn’t know, and it’s very common for big star youtubers. I can guarantee if you go up to like any big youtubers and say “Have you ever had any hate comments?” there will be a 99.999999 percent they will say yes. But there are ways to deal with it.

1.  Don’t respond: When you respond to a hate comment all you are doing is bringing attention to them and allowing them to get you frustrated.

2. Block them: Now, I wouldn’t recommend this because if you block every hate comment you get all, you will do is look like you can’t take criticism and make you look like the bad person, but if they are commenting like “Idiot!” or “Kill yourself!” block them immediately.

3. Don’t take it personally: if you don’t know them don’t take it personally. Simple as that.


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