Fortnite Review


Fortnite. Mostly Everybody has heard about it. It’s the new craze and every boy and girl wants to play it. But, if your that odd pickle that has no access to the internet and no friends, fortnite is a game that was supposed to be a zombie survival game, but most people play for the PvP mode. To be honest, this game looks really fun but I don’t have the kind of stuff to play it.

fORNTIE PS4.jpgI don’t have these *cri* Android.png


But from what I heard is that it’s a fun (and kind of overrated) game where you need to survive from the other players. I honestly think that it’s most of those games where you never heard off put together. I don’t really know why people spend money on this game, other than changing your skins from the default which, in my opinion, are really bad skins.

Image result for default skin fortnite fortnite woman default skin.


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