How I Wish I Would Look Like Sometimes Blog

Hey guys! Today I’m going to be talking about how I wish I would look like sometimes. My family always says to me that I am perfect how I look and God made me this way (sorry if I offend anyone who doesn’t worship God with the God comment), but sometimes I can’t help feeling like I wanna look different (like everyone has and will once in their lifetime). So today I’m going to talk about how I wish I would look like.


1. Long Straight Hair

I wish I would have long straight hair and there are many reasons why. One reason is that I wanna be able to do that hair flip that smacks people in the face like people do in the movies. I also wanna have that kind of hair so it would be SO much easier for me to do my hair in the morning (I am saying this because I have really short curly hair and doing my hair is a morning hassle). I only really had semi straight hair and that is when my mom straighten my hair and that only went to my shoulders.


2. Be Tall

I also always wanted to be tall! But I know that might not happen since I come from a bloodline of small people and I am really small.


3. No Eczema

I have this thing in my body called eczema that makes me really itchy and I HATE it. I wish I had no eczema so I don’t itch anymore and my skin would be much smoother.

Blue Eyes

I wish I had blue eyes or any other color except brown so I can stand out a bit.


Okay that’s it. Bye!


100 Chicken Nugget Challenge

So my friend Alycia will be doing the 100 chicken nugget challenge with my friend Frankie on her channel. It will be a livestream and I may or may not be on there so I suggest you go and watch it.

Alycia’s Channel:

Frankie’s Channel:

A Overdue Blog Post of What I got on Christmas

What I got for christmas:

3lb Pink Slime: I got pink slime. It smells really bad but is very fun to play with. It’s sold in target if any of you wanted to buy some.

More Slime: I got this $3 slime from michael, not that I’m complaining. It has glitter in and is clear but is super hard and can barely stretch. (I’m not saying that all michael slime are like that, there are some slime that I like from michaels, it’s just that slime is bad.)

Electric Scooter: I got an electric scooter too that gives you a speed boost.

I also got candy and a splat ball but that’s pretty much it. I will also be making a video of this on my channel if you are wondering. Okay Bye!

Life of Pi Movie Review (Spoilers)

(Do Da Do Da Do Movie Review!)

Hey guys! So a week ago I watched this movie (Life of Pi) for homework for class and then I decided “Hey why not write a review?”. So now I am.

The life of Pi was an emotional rollercoaster for me. It starts off a man telling another man the life of pi. It first starts out like the man telling the story is in 3rd person view but deeper and deeper in the movie it starts switching into 1st person view. In the first part of the story it tells about a little boy who is bullied for peeing in front of everybody and trying to go and try to make it better by using his smarts. Then it shows him falling in love with a woman. Now this is where the emotional roller coaster starts. After that his father tells him they are moving to Canada. After that Pi has to say goodbye to the woman he loved and his hometown. Him and his family get on a boat only for it to sink in the middle of a night with only him escaping with a zebra while his family drowns. After that he saves a orangatan and finds out their was a hyena on the boat. And when there is a hungry hyena, a zebra, and a orangatang on the boat-well you know what happens. After the hyena kills the zebra and orangatang¬† he trys to go after Pi only for the tiger to kill the hyena. After that Pi and the tiger start developing a friendship. At the end the the tiger goes into the forest never to be seen again when Pi reaches dry land for the second time. Then Pi is taken to a hospital and questioned by the press who wouldn’t accept Pi’s story so he made up a fake one. After that the old man finishes his story and his family comes in and that was the end.

For a short review, this movie made me very emotional because of how he lost his parents and for the longest time had only a tiger he barely talked to before the relationship started. Okay that’s it Bye!!!

Hey Guys!!! I’m Back!!!

Hey Guys, I’m back with another blog post. So, to start off, Happy New Years!!!!! I hope you all had a fun time celebrating. For me my sisters and I waited till it was 12:00 and went crazy. I mean, after we were finished we had to clean up confetti streamers off the tables and silly string off the TV. Another thing is that I need some more ideas on what my blog should be. So if you have any ideas just put it in the comments! Okay bye!